2. Running

OK so the actual suggestion was to run a half marathon but I thought I’d start with a smaller mountain. I’m not a runner. I like to hike and sing and dance.  Running was something I thought it would be great to like – the fitness, the minimal kit requirements, the joy of being able to do it anywhere, the runner’s high! The actual running didn’t seem much fun, though.

So I didn’t think this one would be one I’d do.  Then a friend suggested we do a 5K as a challenge. In a few month’s time. ‘Let’s do it’, I said and that evening downloaded a beginner runner to 5K schedule.

The first run (run a minute, walk 3 minutes, repeat 6 times) was surprisingly manageable once I got over the shock of feeling bits of me wobble that I hadn’t expected.  I’ve been following the schedule ever since, running three times a week, each run slightly more challenging than the one before.  I’ve bought a pair of trainers, learned not to be embarrassed by my slow speed and, joy of joys, can now (sometimes) run the allocated minutes without willing the seconds to pass on my stopwatch.

In the beginning the weather was beautiful and the sky pretty.  It’s harder to get out there now it’s colder and rainier.  I’ve discovered my local park does free timed 5Ks every weekend so I have no excuse for not running the 5K at the end of the schedule.  I’m not sure I’ve acquired a running habit but the clever schedule allows me to hit mini goals three times a week and doesn’t seem to ask for more than I can manage.

Who knew?  I run with all the style and grace of a very old man but I’m feeling good.