Suggestions so far

Go water skiing **

Go on a cheese making course

Run a half marathon #

Read something you would normally never read **

Ask someone out on a date **

Go gliding

Go the cinema on your own**

Go out to eat on your own with a book as company**

Dress flamboyantly for a day

Cross the Andes

London to Brighton Bike ride (or Naked bike ride)

Get a proper job

St Paul’s whispering gallery *

Become a Buddhist monk

Life drawing class *

Wear a colour you wouldn’t normally wear

Take a homeless person out for lunch

Try a new sport

Spend more time in Germany with relatives

Change your accent / voice pitch for a day

Write a book

Read a different newspaper for a change, with an open mind **

Drop a load of acid

Go to The Bulldog pub with John & James

Pump up my bike tyres

Get a pet snake **

White water rafting

Go to the Amex stadium to support BAHFC

Do 50 days in 50 cities with 50 men

Go to the Rio carnival

One whole day of guiltless, personal indulgence

Run with the bulls at Pamplona

Make a patchwork quilt

Go and watch the Northern Lights (and don’t fly to get there)

Jump out of a plane

Become a pirate

Swim in the sea off Brighton beach

Change the hand you use in the toilet

Ignore all above suggestions

Swim with dolphins

Write a song

Spend 4 days in Ibiza being purely hedonistic

Scuba dive

Ride a rollercoaster

Drink champagne **

Go mackerel fishing on Seaford beach & barbecue my catch

Write a poem

Sleep under the stars **

Throw a 70’s theme party dinner

Paint pottery **

Send a post card to everyone you know

Go to Oktoberfest **

Have a water fight

A night in an igloo village

See Innish Boffin

Crew a sailboat

Kiss a traffic warden

Hot air ballooning

Stand up comedy class

Adopt a goldfish

Visit Vertigo champagne bar

Cheese tasting at Borough market

Train trip Kyle of Lochalsh

VSO in Africa

Wild river swim

Visit Treadwells

Kayak through London

Flotation tank **

Costal foraging course

Learn to touch type

Pose for a life drawing class

Visit someone in prison *

Plant 50 trees

Plenty more I’ll put up soon

* yay, I’ve now done this

# in progress

**  done pre 50, doesn’t mean I won’t do it again!